Google Analytics - Lifetime Value Report
Google Analytics – Lifetime Value Report

Customer Lifetime Value & Lifetime Value.

In digital marketing, customer lifetime value (CLV), also referred online as lifetime value (LTV), is a prediction of the value a customer will have over there lifetime with your brand or company. This is often estimate, or averaged, sometimes with complex formulas, however we have noticed that Google Analytics has added a new report to some analytics users reports and named the report as Lifetime Value report.

The Lifetime Value (LTV) report shows the value of your different users acquired through different channels.
What Google explains is that – this report lets you understand how valuable different users are to your business based on lifetime performance across multiple sessions. For example, you can see lifetime value for users you acquired through paid search or email marketing. With such data, you can determine a profitable allocation of marketing resources to the acquisition of those users.

Here is a quick screen shot of the option located in the acquisition tab, which I personally do not see, but Ranyere Rodrigues shared on Google+.

Google Analytics Lifetime Value Report

Here is a picture of the report:

click for full size

Lifetime Value (LTV) data is available in all Analytics accounts, but the report itself is currently available only in app views, which might explain why we’re not seeing it for a web property.

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