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University of Windsor - Future Full of Promise



The Challenge
Technology has changed the way students now apply to university; today 97% of students report visiting a school’s website on mobile. With all the new information available to students, students are applying to more schools than ever before, creating new levels of competition for higher education marketers.
University of Windsor and STC partnered with Digital Nar to launch a new holistic campaign promoting campus offerings. Agreed-upon clearly defined metrics were to determine ultimate success of campaign.
The Objectives:
• Position University of Windsor as a new and forward-thinking University
• Reach interested students and parents at the key decision-making stage
• Increase enrolments
The Plan:
Multi-channel Targeting Solution that leveraged a strategic mix of attention-based media solutions to capture the target audience using the following platforms:
• Search (Double Click Search)
• Programmatic (Double Click Bid Manager & Double Click Campaign Manager)
• Social (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat)
•Google Analytics (to set results and track KPIs)
Through Attribution Modelling we were able to assess the best performing channels and shift budget to optimize performance.  We leveraged Double Click platform’s strong targeting capabilities to customize ad creative and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Digital Nar served ads promoting University of Windsor’s Future Full of Promise” message to teens aged 17-19, their parents and influencers.
The Results:
• 113% increase in enrolments YOY (the highest % increased seen in UWindsor history)
• 155% in impressions YOY
• 69% decrease in CPM YOY
• 81% decrease in CPA (Cost per Acquisition) YOY
• 92% of enrolment traffic was driven by digital marketing mix
• Based on Google’s benchmark data, we outperformed all Ontario universities across major KPI’s (CMP, CPC, CPA, CTR)


The University of Windsor’s Promise campaign received a silver award in the Educational Advertising Awards. Read here for more details: https://bit.ly/2LqFYvV