Reddit - Your Content Marketing and SEO Resource
Reddit – Your Content Marketing and SEO Resource

Reddit and Content Marketing 

When marketers think Reddit, they think a big massive promotion, maybe a reach or influence. Reddit is the gateway to everything interesting going on in the world. Checking is like reading a daily newspaper, except that Reddit is timely, interactive, personalized, participatory and horrifyingly absorbingly at times but GOOD.

Using Reddit for your promotion can be worse than a waste of time, you have to be careful as this can damage your brand and reputation. Our advice is unless you are certainly ready to put in the time & investment to learn the etiquette, and become a legit member of this community (aka becoming a subreddit), you should/most definitely not use this platform to organically promote your content.

Obviously there are good and bad ways to advertise on Reddit,  perhaps you should consider to get yourself familiarized how it works firs. But beware Reddit ads are not going to give you the same promotional effect (even excluding monetary costs) as organic submissions.

There are two things in the word

Repeating here –  no time or money to market on Reddit,  well then forget to promote on it.. Stay fresh and respectful, lol  I don’t know why we said that.

Reddit maybe a challenging platform for marketers but it is a hell of a great tool for SEO and content marketing. But that doesn’t mean Reddit is useless for marketing.

We would like to show you 3 unique ways to use this platform for better SEO & content marketing without spamming or paying for submissions.

Everything starts with subreddits. This social channel is made up of subreddits ,  these are small communities organized around a subject, called a topic if you like, where subscribers can submit, vote, and comment on posts & links relevant to a specific subreddit. There is a subreddit organized around every conceivable topic.

The biggest challenge is finding subreddits relevant to your audience and content. The best and easiest way to search for subreddits is to find, then follow “related subreddit” links.

Reddit search for a keyword

Go to & enter your keyword, then browse subreddits.

Example subreddits in sidebar

You can also use the following tool called redditlist  to find the most popular subreddits, then follow the sidebar links to related subreddits.Combining the following methods you’ll be able to find good subreddits to start with. 

Research your content ideas. Make sure to use subreddits relevant to your field, industry, readership to find topics and ideas that tend to do well, then simply imitate and improve. In order to find great content ideas, filter subreddits by Top and then by time period (monthly,weekly etc). The front page of a subreddit is determined by how hot a post is, so by default you’ll be able to see new & popular content posts.

Sort Reddit Posts by most popular, hot or controversial

In order to find unanswered questions, simply use relevant subreddits, once you found them use them to build content on your site. Think about it this way, if someone is posting to a subreddit and seeking for help, chances are they’ve already Googled it to seek an answer. Another tip is to look for submissions that have a question mark. There is no magic behind this approach, if you build content around those questions, you’ll rank for those searches, at the same time have content that answers similar questions where other people are also asking/looking.

Reddit Advanced Search Questions


You can sort content by <strong>most gilded</strong>. These type of posts are popular but also deeply appreciated. Looking for content that will stir conversation? No problem, simply sort content by Controversial,  which all had the most back and forth commenting. 

By looking at posts that have already done well, you’ll have a solid idea how to build your next content. This type of content will definitely get traction with your audience & other networks.

Reddit Content Ideas


One of the most essential parts of doing an SEO is choosing the right keywords. We all know that aligning the language of your website content with the language of your audience is a core part of the SEO.

The issue, however, lies with finding keywords that you know you don’t know about (we know that may sound cliche). There are plenty of tools that you can use to find your golden keywords, but let’s be realistic, with those keywords you can only go as far as your research about an industry will go. People in the industry won’t realize those keywords are unknown simply because to them, they are obvious.

Subreddits allow you to do just that, you can watch how your audience interact and talk about products & problems in a normal way. Obviously, this will take some research, but simply reading right subreddit threads will give you some golden keywords.

Your goal here with this step is to find the right subreddit, identify posts with a lot of comments & discussion. Read them with an eye towards terms and phrases that have not yet cropped up in your research.

What also you can do is to take links to extensive comment section and paste them into Google Keyword Planner

Reddit Keyword Research

As you know in every field there are websites getting a huge amount of attention or are a consistent resource to those who seek answers. These websites are incredibly important for research and promotion, but they often don’t crop up in discovery or initial research because they appeal to your audience indirectly.

For example, if you’re going to building a content strategy and you want to find productivity blogs to get involved with, you might be able to find LifeHacker ,   ZenHabits , but you might not find  Self-Stairway . But if you started with  productivity and clicked through to zenhabits  you would find them.

Reddit Related Websites

Subreddits can be your guide where Google may fail.  In the sidebar of every subreddit, there is a list of recommended subreddits and often a list of recommended websites. These sites are updated and chosen by the community, so you’ll be finding the currently popular blogs in the field.

Reddit is an incredible untapped resource. Most marketers are focusing on the promotional potential of Reddit, our advice would be to not ignore the research potential of using Reddit for your SEO and content marketing.

What are you waiting for, go to, and start your research!

We hope this article was helpful.

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