What’s new in DV360? 

New custom goal tracking
Soon you’ll be able to set an Impression value over cost goal (used in custom bidding) in insertion order settings. This allows for better performance tracking in the overview and info graphs.

YouTube & partners audio metrics
YouTube and partners metrics will be adapted to ad media type.  Audio-specific metrics will be added to the campaign, insertion order, line item, and combined view tables when applicable. A Media Type dimension will be available in offline reports to differentiate between Audio, Video, and Display line items.

New ‘Added Reach’ widgets
Looking to prove the value of frequency management? Two new widgets that quantify Added Reach due to frequency management at the Programmatic Guaranteed Deal-Leveland the Campaign-Level for mixed media campaigns have been added.

Reporting Changes

The following dimensions will be renamed ~ week of November 15th:

Custom bidding dimensions

  • Impression custom value / cost → Custom impression value / cost
  • Total impression custom value → Total custom impression value

Audience dimensions

  • Audience List → Attributed Userlist
  • Audience List Cost  → Attributed Userlist Cost
  • Audience List ID  → Attributed Userlist ID
  • Audience List Type  → Attributed Userlist Type

Rolling date range reduction
After the change, new scheduled reports will only be able to be run for rolling date ranges up to 90 days (instead of 24 months). This change is to prevent continually downloading the same historical data everyday.

What’s new in CM360? 
New validation for creative backup sizes
Soon there will be an error message when trying to save a creative with a backup image which does not match one of the creative sizes.

Faster video campaigns with CM360
CM360 now allows set up and measurement of video campaigns across your entire media plan with automating workflows and video-centric trafficking capabilities. New video measurement capabilities were also added, to help you get the insights you need to make smarter decisions and optimize performance.

Reporting Changes
The following dimensions will be renamed ~ week of November 15th:

Start/end date in account time zone
To provide a more unified user experience with Trafficking, dimensions and filters will use the account time zone instead of UTC. Reports generated after this change will show different creative start/end dates compared to before and will filter out different creatives if the filters are not adjusted to the account time zone.

Content classifier dimension
The “Content Classifier” dimension will be renamed to “Sensitive Categories” to align with DV360. Reporting API users will be able to use either the old or new dimension name in API requests.


What’s new in Analytics? 
Conversion path attribution insights
GA4 will feature a new set of insights focused on conversion paths. These insights show the most common individual first-touch and last-touch channels, as well as the most common channel combinations for multi-touch paths. You can further analyze the data in the Conversion Paths report.