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About The Project

People cross paths under the strangest circumstances; at a grocery store, a friends wedding, waiting in line at the Post Office. Evren and Courteney met on an airplane, 4000 miles from home, and though it wasn’t always easy, it’s been perfect in its progression. Strangers on a Plane represents their work together. Since the day they met, they’ve travelled, explored, made music, while raising their children along the way, always together. Their music has been featured on Netflix and major networks, a slew of commercials, and new media projects.

Evren & Courteney

Evren’s career making music spans over 20 years. A songwriter, composer, producer and recording artist since graduating high school, it’s the only job he’s ever known. Appearing in dozens of TV shows, ad campaigns, and films, his music and voice have been heard around the world. When he’s not in the studio Evren loves building and fixing things around the house. Courteney loves making things. Art, food, crafts and songs, she’s always moving, always creating something. Singing since the age of 12, first in her community choir, she’s been humming along ever since. She does it because she loves it. When not making music she’s fascinated by fermented foods, growing things, experimenting on the homestead and has an animated love for her chickens.

The Story

After many years of writing songs together, the pair released a self titled debut album in 2019 (Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube). The complementary album visuals resulted from two old friends who had lost touch, only to run into each after a decade had passed. The chance encounter between Evren and cinematographer Jason George lead to a series of short film/music videos, the first of which “All my Life” appeared on Thrillist Magazines “Top 100 Music Video’s of 2019”. Despite growing up in the city, their family now loves country living. They continue to write new music, developing shows and Podcasts, as well as content for both themselves and their clients. When it’s time to work they respond swiftly, detailed and assured, and when the job is complete they’re off to learn new things, together.

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