The Art Show

The Art Show is a CBC Kids series where real children get inspired by art and make something of their very own. Inspiration can come from anywhere: from a gallery and sculpture garden to a nature walk in the park. Children share their thoughts about their lives, culture and art in their own voice.

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University of Windsor

Made In Windsor

Made in Windsor is the new awareness and enrolment campaign. The message being that the University is a place where experiences are made for life. That could be independence, friendships, or collaborations with peers and faculty members. This campaign was recognized with Gold in the Total Digital Marketing Program category at 34rd annual Educational Advertising Awards.

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AMJ Campbell

Moving Moments

The “Moving Moments” spot is a story of new beginnings and cherished moments. A family of three are moving to their first home and expecting a second child. As they say goodbye to an apartment and all its memories they begin a joyful new chapter.

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Music & Video Production

Strangers on a Plane

People cross paths under the strangest circumstances; at a grocery store, a friends wedding, waiting in line at the Post Office. Evren and Courteney met on an airplane, 4000 miles from home, and though it wasn’t always easy, it’s been perfect in its progression. Learn about their stories trough their music.

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