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Welcome to the new era of digital marketing

Every heard of The Hollywood Model? It’s when a lot of specialists come together to work on a project – like a Hollywood movie.  Well, that’s how we work. We’re a Toronto-based digital agency that runs as a co-operative model of digital specialist networks. So instead of working out of a high rent address in the hip part of town, our network of independent contractors works from home, nearby libraries or from the coolest coffee shops in the neighbourhood. That way, clients don’t get dinged for frivolous extras like ping pong tables or latte bars.  Instead, we spend your budget responsibly: on integrated digital campaigns that deliver results.

Tuncher Ferad - Founder Digital Nar Toronto

Our Founder

The man with decades of digital agency experience on blue chip brands

Tuncher (known to clients and colleagues as Tunch) started Digital Nar in 2016, after decades of leading digital teams in international ad agencies around the globe. Tunch could talk in detail about how he spent years directing digital campaigns for Proctor & Gamble’s 35 brands. But he would much rather talk about how those agency years enabled him to build a network of solid contacts so he can now handpick his team from the best of the best, around the globe.

What’s with the name?

We knew you would be scratching your head over that one. So here’s the scoop. Nar means “pomegranate” in many middle Eastern cultures. And like the nar, digital marketing is made up of many different sections – think social media, advertising, content strategy and data all coming together to deliver one tasty result. At Digital Nar, we believe that multi-channel advertising is essential to discover your brand’s fullest potential. And we’d love to tell you more.

The North Bala Small Hydro Project is a new 4.7 Megawatt (MW) run-of-river waterpower facility at the south end of Bala’s North Dam, located in the Town of Bala, Township of Muskoka Lakes, Ontario. The North Dam is owned by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). This project was guided through an exhaustive environmental assessment and community consultation process by Karen McGhee and her firm McGhee Krizsan Engineering Ltd. The project is expected to: – Improve water level and spring/fall flood control – Have low environmental impact due to synergy with existing structures – Annually offset 20,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 3,888 cars and light trucks off the road – Create over 80 new jobs during construction. Digital Nar helped to capture this project by different stages of the execution.

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