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The Hollywood
Model Approach

THE NEW OPERATIONAL STANDARD FOR digital marketing agency

Digital Nar believes that clients deserve exceptional solutions at competitive prices. To achieve this we at Digital Nar implement what is known as the Hollywood model. This is an approach where an experienced digital strategist crafts a campaign and forms a unique team of specialists to execute and meet client’s specific needs. Such project specific approach delivers high quality results while minimizing overhead costs typical of brick and mortar agencies. Our commitment to our clients is cost efficient integrated digital campaigns that deliver results.

Tuncher Ferad VP Digital Marketing at Digital Nar Toronto

Tuncher Ferad


Change is the only constant in the digital landscape. Tuncher who leads Digital Nar has been a driver of such changes in the digital marketing space for some of the largest enterprises in North America and Europe. Over the last 15 years, he helped blue chip clients, with cumulative campaign budgets of over $200M, achieve their marketing goals. This depth of experience enabled Tuncher to build a network of specialists, a pool from which he is able to handpick the right team members to execute Digital Nar’s projects.

What’s with the name “Digital Nar”?

We knew you would be scratching your head over that one. So here’s the scoop. Nar means “pomegranate” in many middle Eastern cultures. And like the nar, digital marketing is made up of many different sections – think social media, advertising, content strategy and data all coming together to deliver one tasty result. At Digital Nar, we believe that multi-channel advertising is essential to discover your brand’s fullest potential. And we’d love to tell you more.

The North Bala Small Hydro Project is a new 4.7 Megawatt (MW) run-of-river waterpower facility at the south end of Bala’s North Dam, located in the Town of Bala, Township of Muskoka Lakes, Ontario. The North Dam is owned by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). This project was guided through an exhaustive environmental assessment and community consultation process by Karen McGhee and her firm McGhee Krizsan Engineering Ltd. The project is expected to: – Improve water level and spring/fall flood control – Have low environmental impact due to synergy with existing structures – Annually offset 20,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 3,888 cars and light trucks off the road – Create over 80 new jobs during construction. Digital Nar helped to capture this project by different stages of the execution.

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