The Art Show


Fueled by inspiration

Children are inspired to create their own art as an expression of their perspectives on their lives and culture.

The Art Show is a series where real children get inspired by art to make something of their very own. Spoiler alert: viewers quickly learn that inspiration can come from anywhere: a gallery, a sculpture garden or even a nature walk in the park. This initiative enables children to share their thoughts about their lives, culture and art through their own creative voice.

01. The Story

The Art Show tells the story of children creating art using their own voice. Each episode explores a different child’s life and their artistic inspiration. As film-makers, we made it our mission to dive into what inspired each child to create what they did. As always, we began by listening. We delved into their interests to help us create environments that resonated with each child’s story. The results were sheer magic (oh, and some pretty compelling watching too).

03. Challange

The challenge became how to shoot using all the cameras (so that we got the footage we needed) while allowing the child to enjoy their experience. For this reason, we used a Steadicam to dominate many of the shots. This way we could get very stylized shots of the children while avoiding interfering with their process. Working like this meant we were able to avoid heavily scripting the events of the show. Instead, we allowed the interests of each child to shine in each segment.

04. About the project

This video series introduces us to real children who found inspiration in art and created artwork of their own. Do these children and their art projects inspire you? They inspired us big-time.

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About Elijah Marchand


Elijah Marchand grew up in the small town of Perth, Ontario. Being homeschooled encouraged his artistic interest and without a family tv in the home Elijah found himself mesmerized by films he watched with his grandfather. 


Later in his youth he was given his first camera. This camera was the catalyst for him to move from his childhood obsession with film into his success in cinematography and directing.




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